Brisbane CGI - Urban Legends Breakdown

Urban Legends El Naddaha_Final.jpg

Just a brief written breakdown though if you're itching to know how it was done. (and since my pc is on render cant really do anything atm to make a breakdown)

Started in Blender using a model from ManuelBastioniLAB as a base. 

Threw her into Marvelous Designer, created a pattern and made some simulations for the cloth. 

Then exported it to Substance Painter to texture the clothing. Exported the textures at 4k

Then reimported into blender. Added hair (first time learned how to do hair lol ) .Used the micropoly displacement for the cave using textures from Poliigon. The foliage was made from using Grasworld addon for blender and some nature assets from CG Geek.
Added a particle system for some fireflies and a wave modifier for the lake. Added a light in the cave like its a fire pit to add some backlighting to the main subject.

Added a mist alpha above the lake to give it a bit of mysteriousness and some more foreground interest with the branches closer to the camera to add some depth of field as its a bit of a wide shot.

Used the blender compositor to add a bit of colour balances then thew it into photoshop to fix up some additional colours using camera raw filter and a vignette.

That's about it I think so the workflow was basically 
Blender > Marvelous Designer > Substance Painter > Blender > Photoshop


Addons used

Base Character



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