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Liquid Assets

Splash pack/OBJ

Liquid - Asset Pack

A Huge Time Saver!

The pack is aimed to save you time from those painful simulations. OBJ's are ready for import, all you need to do is add the shader you like in your 3D software either it be a sports drink, liquid gold or just milk; possibilities are endless. 

Perfect for Product Shots

All splashes come in an optimised polycount, apply a subsurf modifier to increase the resolution for close up details. 




Weave R+D


Just two c4d files in which I had some time to play around how to achieve a weave/knitting style of motion using a few effectors. 

Hope this will help anyone who's looking into creating some weaving/knitting mography stuff. 

Do whatever you want with it, use it for personal/commercial. 

If you do use it for any commercial let me know I wanna see it in action :) 

Bullhorn Side.jpg

Bull Horn

X-Particles 4 - OVDB Vertex Shader Mixer

OVDB Mesher Object ID - X-Particles 4 + Redshift

This is a XP system built to have two shaders mix with each other using object IDs generated from the OVDB Mesher. The Vertex information is linked into a RS Vertex Attribute to control the mask of the materials.